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      Russell Morash

1481 Hunterbrook Road NW

Calgary Alberta, Canada

T2K- 4V4

Cell: (403) 830–5875



To contribute my skills and knowledge to a design team while furthering my experience in the embedded controls industry. 


Proficient with C and Assembly for microcontroller programming

Proficient with Visual Basic, C# and Java  

Proficient with ARM, PIC and Motorola microcontrollers


Computer Control Technology, May 2002

SAIT – Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

Courses Taken Included:

C Programming - structured programming, data structures

 Unix/Linux and Windows environments

Electrical engineering theory

Applications – Labview, Matlab, various IDEs

Signal processing

Data acquisition

Project – design of a computer controlled light tracking system

Architectural Technology, May 1993

SAIT – Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

Courses taken included:

Design and layout of residential and commercial buildings

Related Work Experience 

Eguana Technologies Inc. (August/2002 - present)

Software Developer

Programming Languages - C, Assembly Visual Basic, C#, Java 

Microcontrollers - PIC17C56X,  PIC16F616 and the Motorola  MC9S12NE64

ARM Controllers - Texas Instruments TMS320LF2407A, NXP LPC2368/66

Software Design to meet regulatory and safety requirements including

              UL/CSA, CE, VDEW

Software Design to meet customer requirements including

              Custom interaction with fuel cells, wind turbines and solar panels

Development of algorithms to control and monitor DC to AC electricity production including use of

              PWM control

              PID control

              Signal processing - DPLL, Fourier Series

              Fuzzy Logic

Development and use of algorithms for communication and datalogging including use of

              Reading/Writing data to Flash- Logging of performance data, system faults

              OpenTCP TCP/IP stack for the MC9S12NE64

               FreeRTOS and uIP for the NXP LPC2368/66

               Network Protocols UDP, TCP/IP, DHCPC , ICMP

               CANbus - DeviceNet and proprietary protocols 

               SPI, SSP, I²C 

               RS-232, RS-485 - Modbus and proprietary protocols 

Debugging tools - JTAG, BDM and PIC In-Circuit Emulator 

Use of Lab Equipment - Oscilloscopes, power supplies 

IDE applications - Eclipse, Code Composer, Code Warrior, Netbeans, Visual Studio

Source Code and Document control - Implemented, Administrate and maintain a software server including Subversion (SVN) version control

Applications - Word, Excel, Visio for documentation 

Past Work Experience 

Twister Pipe Ltd. (April /1998 – August/2000)

    Lead hand of welding department

    Setup and execution of programs for 6 break point robotic welding arm and plasma cutting table

    Use of production management to meet deadlines

Calgary Board of Education (July/1993 - Dec./1996)

    Grounds department

    Landscape design

    Survey for paving crew


Inventor listed on Sustainable Energy Technologies patent for the PWM control for switching transformers (pulse-step) to produce AC electricity from a DC source (US Patent: 20080298104)

July 2009 to present: active member of the working group for the smart grid communication protocol for inverters/generators and Storage

2003 to 2007: Member of the Computer Contols Technology/Computer Technology Advisory Board at SAIT

From January 1997 to March 1998 I traveled extensively through Australia and New Zealand.


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